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Addiction ADHD / Autistic Spectrum
Adoption Anger
Anxiety and Panic attacks Assisting the dying person
Avoidant Personality Disorder Bipolar Affective Disorder
Borderline personality disorder BPD Search
Brain Injury Bullying
Conflict Resolution Depression
Domestic Violence Disabilities
Dissociation Eating disorders
Fear of Death / Impermanence Human Rights
Human trafficking Illness
Language Large-Scale Emergencies
Loss and grief Love and attachment
Nightmares and Sleep disorders Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Pain Phobias
Poverty Pregnancy and Childbirth
Premature Ejaculation Psyche and the Elderly
Psychosis Racism / Discrimination
Resilience Shame
Schizophrenia Sexual Abuse
Somatization Suicide
Torture Trauma / PTSD

The psyche in health and illness is an innovative approach to adult learning in the fields of psychology, psychiatry and mental health care. Users will find papers and multimedia presentations easy to access and are given a wide range of material of value to professionals and to the interested public. The access to the content of this site is by subscription, on a pay per view or pay to download basis.

The site is a valuable aid for people in professional training and is highly informative for consumers of mental health services. The site has interactive capabilities so subscribers will have the possibility of occasions of direct interaction with speakers. Many of our speakers are leaders in the field and we provide information about all speakers and their publications which can be ordered via this site.

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Understanding effective therapies for managing anxiety is crucial for improving well-being.
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