Cross-Cultural Approaches

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Defining cross-cutural Approaches in psychotherapy and counselling

Introduction to Culture and Psychological Therapies: Barriers, Bridges and Stumbling Blocks Nooria Mehraby  

Cross-Culture and Trauma

Psychosocial Impact of the 'War on Terror' on Muslims Settling in Australia Nooria Mehraby  
Counselling Afghanistan Torture and Trauma Survivors Nooria Mehraby  
Community level interventions in working with torture and trauma survivors - nexus between theory and practice Jasmina Bajraktarevic-Hayward  
Culture and Countertransference in Trauma counselling with Refugees Deborah Gould  
A Self-Psychological model and its relevance to the cross-cultural management of Trauma. Raymond Tint Way  

Culture, Trauma and Mental Illness

Mental Health, Human Rights and Minorities in Australia Sev Ozdowski  
Muslim religious reflection: implications for mental health care Hanan Dover  
Mental health issues in Muslim communities Abdul Monaem  
Violence and health - learning from the WHO framework John Macdonald  
Transcultural issues in psychotherapy Lea Crisante  

Child and Adolescent

Depression in children and adolescents: Assessment, awareness and treatment Syed Naqvi  

Cross-Cultural Interventions

Cognitive-behavioural stress managment in a cross-cultural setting Shehzi Yusaf  
Intimate partner violence in the Australian Muslim community: from research to intervention Nada Ibrahim  
Conversation between Rachel Paran and Yishai Shalif: How faith and spirituality help in coping Rachel Paran  
Islamic belief in healing of Trauma; A case study of an Afghan Refugee Nooria Mehraby  
A successful model of intervention Irin McNulty  
Cross-cultural Counseling: A Case Study of a Sudanese Refugee Naome Madut  
Resilience Among Sudanese Immigrants Kate Murray  
The adaptation of immigrant psychotherapists to the culture and psyche of their clients in the host country. Mark Thorpe  
Clinical implications of Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide. Sotheara Chhim  
Stepping Outside of One’s Own Culture: Therapy as a Socio-Political Practice in Australia Merle Conyer  
Attitudes and Beliefs about Mental Health treatment among older adults of color suffering from depression: the impact of stigma Kyaien Conner  
Working Clinically with Tamil Asylum Seekers: the impact of Socio-Cultural-Political factors on Post Migration stress Neeraja Sanmuhanathan  

Psychological Perspectives in Cross Cultural Settings

Biology, Multiplicity and Spirituality. Brendon Stewart  
The role of cultural differences in couples therapy: therapist's cultural competence and dynamics of cultural aspects in working with couples Ewa Stamper Maddox  
Culture and Ethics: Psychotherapeutic relationship Challenge in China Mingyi Qian  
Existential perspectives on sexuality: issues of culture, ethics and the practice of psychotherapy Martin Milton  

Working with communities

Culture of self-reliance, the basis for sustainability – spirituality in Bangladesh Dora Marinova  

Psychotherapy in Asia

Cultural affinity and cultural barrier for psychotherapy in China: lessons from Traditional Chinese Medicine Xudong Zhao  

African perspectives on Psychotherapy

Psychopathology, Psychotherapy and Faith-healing from Igbo African Point of View Innocent Ejiofo  

Politics, Cultures, Societies and Trauma

How do we lick our wounds? Intercultural perspectives on individual and collective strategies of making peace with own past Boris Drož?ek  
Healing culture Trauma - The Marumali journey of healing. Lorraine Peeters  
Our shared concerns and our dreams. Senada Softic  

Cross-Cultural Approaches

Many countries have been, forged by subsequent waves of immigration and home to refugees from all over the world. Cultural diversity is the norm rather than the exception, and likely to be encountered by helping professionals on a routine basis. Despite its ubiquitousness, cultural differences can pose significant challenges to clinicians and helpers in general and often become a barrier to effective service provision

It is all too common to see well meaning and competent clinicians become unravelled by the lack of familiar clues and contextual landmarks encountered in working with someone from a radically different culture and world view.

The lectures featured in this section will explore the complexities of working with a culturally diverse client group, and provide some hints and guidelines to assist clinicians and those in the helping professions in general overcome the challenges posed by various aspects of this diversity.

The section will feature lectures from a range of national and international presenters from a range of backgrounds. We are particularly indebted in this section to the input from   many STARTTS members, an Australian organization that has assisted over 24,000 refugees in a clinical setting and many more through community development initiatives, and that currently employs over 50 clinicians from as many as 25 different nationalities and ethnic backgrounds.

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