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Refugee Trauma

More about Refugee Trauma

Supporting Refugee and Refugee Communities in Times of Crisis

Psychosocial Impact of the 'War on Terror' on Muslims Settling in Australia Nooria Mehraby  
A discussion on the Journey of interaction with clients of STARTTS and that of other refugees via the teaching of situational English Maureen O'Connor  
The Anatomy of Rape. Rebuilding dignity in the face of shame and dishonour Eileen Pittaway  
Refugee Women; War, Rape and Sexual Abuse (in Conversation) Eileen Pittaway  
Support strategies for women affected by war-related sexualised violence Karin Griese  
Why is SOMSTARTTS needed? Mohamed Baaruud  
Finding Comfort in the Discomfort: helping Asylum Seekers sit with uncertainty Dominica Dorning  
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Introduction to Refugee Trauma

The challenges of working with refugee trauma Jorge Aroche  
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Torture, the wider picture

Medir la eficacia del tratamiento psicosocial que reciben las victimas de tortura Haydee Anton Sarmiento  
Collective reparation and rehabilitation after torture. Nora Sveaass  
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Assessment of Refugee trauma

Psychological Assessment of Torture and Trauma Survivors Gordana Hol-Radicic  
Anger in the context of assessment and management of refugee trauma. John O'Connor  
Complicated grief in Bosnian refugees: Associations with PTSD and depression following ethnic Cleansing. Shakeh Momartin  
Understanding and treating mental ill-health in asylum seekers Debbie Hocking  
Recent work on the Thai-Burma border where communities of Burmese have lived for decades without employee, health and human rights Mary Ditton  
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Treatment of torture and trauma survivors

Psychological and Physiological Responses to Traumatic Memories in STARTTS’ clients Gordana Hol-Radicic  
Community level interventions in working with torture and trauma survivors - nexus between theory and practice Jasmina Bajraktarevic-Hayward  
Psychoeducation as an integrative part of therapy with clients who suffer from PTSD Indira Haracic-Novic  
Mindfulness Treatment with Torture and Trauma Clients at STARTTS (Case study) Gordana Hol-Radicic  
Integration of spiritual practice in helping professions. Nooria Mehraby  
Mental health in newly arrived asylum seekers in Norway (In conversation) Nora Sveaass  
Dialectic Behaviour Therapy (DBT) with Torture and Trauma Clients at STARTTS (Case study) Gordana Hol-Radicic  
Utilising heart Rate Variability (HRV) as an integrative approach to assessment and treatment in torture and trauma survivors Gordana Hol-Radicic  
As a group we do better: Twenty years of a Latin American Refugee Women's self-help group, based on a systemic bio-psycho-social approach. Lucy Marin  
Supporting Adolescent Refugees through Music and Art Therapy Jane Griffin  
Self-harm and suicide risk amongst asylum seekers. Omara Memon  
Suicide and self harm prevention with asylum seekers: Clinical challenges and human rights dilemmas. Michael Dudley  
The Conversational Model approach to guilt and shame associated with trauma. Joan Haliburn  
Utilising mindfulness and neuroscience: a case study of an Iranian refugee. Gordana Hol-Radicic  
Case studies from GCRT of victims of war and other types of violence Nino Kiladze  
Utilising group therapy approaches to assist recovery of torture and trauma survivors Boris Drož?ek  
A case study of a refugee client with PTSD and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Mirjana Askovic  
Attachment and Refugee Trauma: a case study of an Iranian man's journey toward recovery Emma Boles  
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Refugee, diet and nutrition

Nutrition and psychological well-being: An integral part of clinical interventions. Margaret Allman-Farinelli  
Diet/Nutrition counselling and its impact on psychological well-being in the context of refugee trauma. Sivaharani Mayuran  
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Refugees and cultural issues

The Role of Culture in Mental Health Outcomes for Sub- Sahara African Refugees: Challenges, Opportunitiesand Strengths Mohamud Sheikh  
Cross-cultural Counseling: A Case Study of a Sudanese Refugee Naome Madut  
Counselling Afghanistan Torture and Trauma Survivors Nooria Mehraby  
Islamic belief in healing of Trauma; A case study of an Afghan Refugee Nooria Mehraby  
Integrating counselling and acupuncture to support the healing of trauma of a Sudanese Woman Thuy Tran  
Refugees show path back to community. Jim Diers  
Accentuate the positive. Lina Ishu  
Tyranny and trauma: self-psychology and the experience of Burmese refugees in Australia Raymond Tint Way  
Applying an acculturation lens for better working with refugee families and communities Andre Renzaho  
Assisting cultural transition using the Families In Cultural Transition (FICT) program. Mohamed Dukuly  
Raising girls, raising boys is tough in anyone's 'Language'. Anne Hollonds  
Utilising culturally adapted CBT with non-Western clients: A case study of a Muslim Iraqi woman. Nooria Mehraby  
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Refugee Trauma and the Experiences of Loss and Grief

An exploration of traumatic grief within the context of continuing trauma, a case presentation. Julie Savage  
The meaning of place and psycho-cultural border zones: reflections on migration, trauma, shame, legitimacy and identity. Amanda G. Dowd  
Thinking about loss, identity and culture in the context of refugee trauma Nooria Mehraby  
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Refugees at school

Benefits of conducting groups with students from refugee backgrounds in the school context. Elisabeth Pickering  
Implications for learning a second language: Effect on progress in school and sociability. Devon Barnes  
Rewiring the brain through fun and games. Sejla Tukelija  
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Refugee and Resilience

Resilience in Resettlement: Young People from Refugee Backgrounds Discuss Mental Health, Wellbeing and Coping Strategies. Mike Oliver  
Resilience and Refugee Trauma: From Research to Clinical Interventions Angela Nickerson  
The role of Hope and Resilience in overcoming Refugee Trauma Shaheen Kohsar  
Aren’t they ordinary people? They are just like you and me....but, have survived extraordinary challenges Pearl Fernandes  
Working Psychologically with Asylum Seekers whose Claims have been Rejected Guy Coffey  
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Treatment of Children and Adolescents of torture and trauma survivors

The developmental context of refugee children – culture, war and Erikson’s stages Deborah Gould  
Jungle Tracks; road to recovery and reflection- a story telling approach to assist refugee children, adolescents and parents integrate and manage the distress related to bereavement, trauma, discrimination and stress induced by the refugee experience. Pearl Fernandes  
Thinking Psychodynamically with Refugee Children and their Families. Peter F Blake  
WHEN EAGLES DARE Integrating group psychotherapy and sporting activities when working with unaccompanied minors granted temporary protection visas. Pearl Fernandes  
An Interview with Amber Gray on Dance Movement Therapy and Social Engagement. Amber E Gray  
Psychoeducation as resilience-building for asylum-children with traumatized parents Anne Bovbjerg  
Short-term group intervention for newly arrived refugee children: Helping to rebuild children' lives after trauma Cecilia Carranza  
Benefits of conducting groups with students from refugee backgrounds in the school context. Elisabeth Pickering  
Implementing a whole school approach to supporting students of refugee background. Samantha McGuffie  
Who do you trust? Engaging meaningfully with young men and boys. Gode Migerano  
Group intervention with children Carlos Saavedra  
Soccer in recovery of young refugee torture and trauma survivors Mohamed Baaruud  
Multimodal approach in treating the impact of trauma on refugee children. Mirjana Askovic  
Discovering Resilience in the Rhythm of the Body and the Melody of the Music Chiara Ridolfi  
Utilising Sandplay in Treating the Impact of Refugee Trauma: A case study of an Iraqi boy Sanja Stefanovic  
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Refugee Trauma and the Elderly

Ageing and dealing with past traumas in an unfamiliar environment. Franka Bosnjak  
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Somatically Orientated Approaches in the Treatment of Torture and Trauma Survivors

Physiotherapy with Torture and Trauma Survivors. Susan H Roxon  
Trauma and Chronic Pain: Integrating Positive Psychology approaches into biofeedback based Heart Rate Variability training; an overview. Tom Neser  
Trauma and Chronic Pain: The Integration of Biofeedback, Hypnosis and Mindfullness in Psychotherapy. Tom Neser  
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Dialectical Behavioral Therapy DBT Orientated Approaches in the Treatment of Torture and Trauma Survivors

Complex Trauma and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy Peter King  
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Impact of Torture and Trauma work on Therapist

Culture and Countertransference in Trauma counselling with Refugees Deborah Gould  
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Integration of Neurofeedback in work with Torture and Trauma Survivors.

Strengthening clients’ capacities and sustainability by utilising Neurofeedback therapy in a Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD) symptomatology Gordana Hol-Radicic  
The role of Neurofeedback in the context of an agency wide, systemic approach to assist traumatised populations. Jorge Aroche  
Trauma and Chronic Pain: Integrating Positive Psychology approaches into biofeedback based Heart Rate Variability training; an overview. Tom Neser  
An Interview with Amber Gray on Dance Movement Therapy and Social Engagement. Amber E Gray  
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Clinical Intervention

Effective Clinical Interventions with Asylum Seekers Zachary Steel  
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Refugee Trauma

This section is dedicated to explore the diverse issues pertinent to psychotherapeutic work with refugees in general and torture and trauma survivors in particular. Refugees settling in Australia are one of the most heterogeneous client populations that we are likely to encounter as helping professionals. They represent an enormous variety of and cultures, languages socio-political backgrounds, with associated challenges for service providers. Refugees are arguably also one of the most traumatized groups in our society. In addition to a high incidence of exposure to severe trauma and multiple losses, they also face additional stressors associated with the refugee experience, migration and resettlement. The resulting interaction is complex, and can result in a vast array of secondary problems. The lectures in this section focus on different aspects of this complex interaction and the issues for clinicians and other service providers. They also explore various models, interventions and approaches to address these issues at a practical level.


The section draws heavily on the work of the NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors (STARTTS). As such, the section reflects STARTTS concern to provide services that address trauma and PTSD within an embedded cultural perspective that acknowledges the dynamic interaction between trauma-related or posttraumatic issues, the stresses and demands of exile, migration and resettlement process, and other stressors that affect refugees as individuals, families and communities, while recognizing and aiming to enhance the strengths, the human capital and enormous potential to contribute to our society that refugees have. (For more information about STARTTS please visit )

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