Other Talks by Profossor C Richard Clark

Dr C Richard Clark is a Professor at the School of Psychology at Flinders University in Adelaide South Australia. He is internationally recognised for his contributions to neuropsychology and the related field of cognitive neuroscience. His work is characterised by the innovative application of multimodal measures of brain structure and function. In particular, he has applied synergistic approaches to neuroimaging of the spatial and temporal dynamics of cortical networks, including high resolution topographic EEG and ERP recordings and MRI-based morphometry. His technical developments have been complemented by his innovative use of experimental paradigms that have drawn upon an expertise in psychometrics, psychophysiology, psychopharmacology and psychopathology.
He has built on his earlier seminal studies in the 1980?s on the role of catecholamines in the control of human attention and on measures of working memory and executive function in head injury to provide some of the first evidence of localized and distributed brain changes in post-traumatic stress disorder and other psychopathologies, including panic disorder, attention deficit disorder, and schizophrenia.
In recent years, he has also played a significant role in the development of the first international integrative database of brain and cognitive function that is now enhancing significantly the evidence base for assessment of brain disorders in both youth and adulthood. His current interests include the use of neurotherapy as a clinical tool in psychopathology and related evidence-based research into its efficacy. Many of these contributions have been funded by major grants from ARC, NHMRC and other peer review?based agencies over more than 20 years.
In addition to his primary research, Richard Clark has made significant contributions to the advancement of cognitive science including advocacy in the community and extensive service as an office bearer in national and international societies. He has also been a frequent contributor in the media, enhancing public appreciation of the potential benefits of advances in neuroscience and its applications.

For more information visit: http://brainclinic.net.au/

C Richard Clark
C Richard Clark

Title Published
ERPs: the what, where, why and how of event-related electrical potentials 2014
ISNR Position paper on Neurofeedback Standards 2012
Neurofeedback Certification in Australia. 2011
Psychological perspectives of working memory systems function Neuroscience
Slow Cortical Potentials 2013
The use of tDCS in the treatment of neuropathic back pain: a case study 2015
Working memory systems in health and disease 2011

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