An Islamic Perspective on Human Development.

Imam Afroz Ali

Can faith as well as human psychological development be understood in a related and collaborative way? What is the Islamic perspective of faith development in comparison to and in conjunction with human development?This Paper explores these two questions, and provides an explanation of what the Islamic spiritual paradigm is in terms of faith and human physiological development in light of what the Spiritual Masters have explained and based on the Qur?anic Weltanschauung. The Paper also discusses the similarities and the points of divergence when compared with the theories of the likes of Fowler, Erickson and Kohlberg.

Conflict of Interest: None disclosed
Financial Support/Funding: None disclosed
Recorded: At the Psychological & Spiritual Society (PASS) University of Western Sydney 'Spirituality, Human Development and Well-Being Conference', Sydney, Australia,July 2008.

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Imam Afroz Ali

Afroz Ali is the Founder and President of Al-Ghazzali Centre for Islamic Sciences & Human Development, based in Sydney, Australia. He is a qualified Imam in the Islamic Tradition, having studied under Traditional Islam and received licence to teach in various Islamic Sciences. His studies have taken him from university-based Islamic University- Madina, Saudi Arabia then moving towards Traditional Scholarship in Yemen, United States and Mauritania, where he has spent considerable time to learn from the most esteemed Rightly Guided Islamic Scholars of our time. He has also travelled to Cairo, Egypt for further studies in Islamic Jurisprudence with Scholars at al-Azhar University and is on the Board of Advisors at Markaz Aleem in Cairo, Egypt.
He lectures around the world on Islamic jurisprudence, spirituality, human development, ecological wellbeing, ethical rights and responsibilities and personal, and corporate citizenship. He has initiated philanthropic as well as sustainable environment projects in Australia and abroad, and continues to advocate peace, acceptance, justice and interpersonal rights. He is also the recipient of the International Ambassador for Peace award.

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