Prof. Juri Kropotov in Conversation with Dr Moshe Perl

Prof. Juri Kropotov , Dr Moshe Perl

Prof. Juri Kropotov from the Institute of the Human Brain of the Russian Academy of Sciences, talks to Dr. Moshe Perl about his professional background, what inspired him to enter the field of quantitative EEG, event related potentials and neurotherapy, his current interests and the future development of this field.

Recorded at the 2009 Annual Conference and Workshops of Applied Neuroscience Society of Australasia (ANSA):  "From neuromodulation and neuroplasticity to biomarkers and nutrition".  New Tweed Coast, August 2009

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Juri Kropotov
Juri Kropotov
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Video Prof.Juri Kropotov in Conversation with Dr. Moshe Perl Juri Kropotov
Moshe Perl
icon mp3.gif Prof.Juri Kropotov in Conversation with Dr. Moshe Perl Juri Kropotov
Moshe Perl

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Prof. Juri Kropotov

Director of laboratory for neurobiology of action programming at Institute of the Human Brain of the Russian Academy of Sciences, St.-Petersburg, Russia and Professor II at the Institute of Psychology at Norwegian University for Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway.

Juri Kropotov graduated from the department of physics (major in quantum mechanics) at St.-Petersburg State University in 1972. In 1975 he defended his PhD thesis on ?Slow processes in the human brain? at the Institute for Experimental Medicine.

In 1985 for his research in the field of human physiology he was awarded the State Prize of the USSR ? the highest award in the former Soviet Union. He was the first to show that the basal ganglia thalamo-cortical circuits of the human brain are involved in cognitive and affective functions.

In 1986-1992 he developed a mathematical model of the cortex ? the canonical cortical module ? that was able to explain most of the properties of neurons in the visual cortex. In 1990s he started the research in the field of quantitative EEG and evoked potentials in normal subjects, in ADHD population and in neurological patients to whom intracranial electrodes were implanted for diagnosis and therapy.

In 1998 he began using neurofeedback and transcranial Direct Current Stimulation for treatment ADHD and some other brain dysfunctions. For his research he was awarded the Medal of Honor of Russian Federation, the Diploma of the USSR Academy of Sciences for the Highest Achievement (Discovery) in science.

He published more than 180 papers and 7 books. For many years he served as an editor of the journal ?Human Physiology? of Russian Academy of Sciences. He is ex-president of the European Chapter of international Society for Neuronal Regulation (ISNR) and an editor of the journal ?Neurotherapy?.

The Academic Press just published his new book: Quantitative EEG, Event-Related Potentials and Neurotherapy which is quickly becoming the must have reference and textbook for QEEG students and practitioners.

Dr Moshe Perl

Dr. Moshe Perl, PhD received his BS in Physics from the University of Tel Aviv, his MS in Psychology from the University of Texas at Tyler, and his PhD in Clinical Psychology with a minor in Behavioural Medicine from the University of North Texas, in 1982. Since that time, he has worked as a consultant to schools, Departments of Juvenile Justice, and the Children's Court, both in the United States and in Australia.  Since 1998 Dr. Perl has been involved in Neurofeedback, and its integration into his work with ADHD, Behaviour and Anxiety Disorders. He has presented his work at a variety of professional conferences, and regularly runs seminars for parents and teachers. Dr. Perl currently runs a private practice clinic in Melbourne, which focuses on ADHD, Behaviour Management, Individual and Family Psychotherapy. He has been coordinating and running professional trainings in Neurofeedback since 2000. He is a fellow of ANSA, and immediate past president of that organisation. He recently received certification in neurofeedback from the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA) and mentors and supervises psychologists and neurofeedback practitioners.

Moshe Perl
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